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Walk from Wootton St Lawrence to Hannington

Hannington walk map.jpg

This is just under 6 miles each way.  The walk is all bridleway and the Parish Council has replaced the stiles with dog friendly kissing gates so that folks with mobility problems who cannot negotiate stiles or those with larger dogs can enjoy the walks around the parish.

WSL Hannington Map.jpg

If you use The Hampshire Rights of Way Definitive Maps, you can click on the number over the area that you want to walk.  14.22 (Map 1) and 13.22 (Map 2) cover Wootton St Lawrence and Hannington respectively.

Map 2

WSL Hannington Map 2.jpg
  1. Using Map 1 below, from Wootton St Lawrence take a stroll and join Byway 15 heading westwards then cross the road onto the Byway 7130 i.e. the brown line on the map, then onto the next road junction at Ibworth.

  2. Head North-ish along the road then turn onto the first road you meet on your left. This road will take you onto the Bridleway 7110.  

  3. Using Map 2, keep walking along 7110 until you meet Bridleway 7106b on your left – note that at this junction, on a clear day, you will be able to see the white wind turbine adjacent to the M4 near Reading.

  4. Continue walking along 7106b (which has really great scenic views but is a bit cold and windy at times) until you meet with footpath 7106a (Bertha’s Lane) – walk along 7106a to the road junction,  turn right  walk until you get to the Village Green. Turn left towards the Vine for any needed refreshments and sustenance.


If you have the energy or on some other day, there are walks around Hannington which you might find interesting. These walks start from Hannington village and are about 2-3 miles long.

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