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WSL Discounted Oil Deliveries

A number of Wootton St Lawrence residents buy oil as a syndicate, so we are able to negotiate a substantial discount.  The scheme has been operating for several years and has been a great success. 


If you would like to be included in this delivery, please send your order to Fiona.


For each oil delivery, we send an email to all Oil Syndicate members a week before our order is submitted, asking how much oil each member would like to order that month. Members don't have to order oil that month if they don't need it!

We then calculate the total quantity of the order for the village and submit it to four local companies to ask for their lowest price.

When we have received their prices, we choose the lowest and then ask the syndicate members to call the oil supplier in order to pay for the order before 8pm the following day.  

The more oil that we order as a syndicate, the greater the discount that oil companies are willing to offer, so please consider joining the syndicate if you are not already a member.  The syndicate is also open to residents in surrounding villages, so please invite local friends to join. 

For more information, please email Fiona.

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