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Sheep Farming

The Sheep in Wootton St Lawrence


Greg Childs, the shepherd and owner of Countryman Services, grazes his sheep in and around Wootton St Lawrence.  Greg also lives in the village.

If you would like further information, or need to report any issues regarding sheep to Greg, please contact him at or on 07899-820999.

You can also follow Greg on Twitter.

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Sheep Worrying in Wootton St Lawrence

31st October 2017


Many of the fields around Wootton St Lawrence are grazed by sheep.  Sadly, there have recently been several cases of sheep worrying, which have caused injury, distress and death to sheep in the village and local area.

Please read the article about sheep worrying by Greg Childs, the Shepherd who grazes his sheep in Wootton St Lawrence.  The article includes what sheep worrying is, the damage that it causes and how we can prevent it. 

Looking after the Sheep in Wootton St Lawrence

Spring 2018


Greg Childs will talk to us about how he looks after his sheep in our village.

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