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Update from the Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme - December 2017

Good news!  Wootton St Lawrence is being upgraded to Superfast Broadband by Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) Superfast Broadband Wave 2 Programme. 

HCC and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC), are encouraging Residents and Business Owners to register their interest on the Hampshire County Council Superfast Broadband site, so they can measure the level of demand for the Superfast Broadband in our village and can let us know when superfast broadband is available.  

To register, please click on this link  and follow the instructions to enter your postcode and then your contact details – it will take 30 seconds and you won’t even need to read any more of this message!  HCC takes demand into account when prioritising installations so, please register ASAP.  The more residents that register, the faster we will be connected!


Overview of the Plan to Connect our Village to Superfast Broadband

Project Wave 1 - completed

The Oakley 6 Telecoms Cabinet that serves Wootton St Lawrence has been upgraded to Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC).  This means that houses that are within approximately 1.5km of the Oakley 6 Telecoms Cabinet will be able to get Superfast broadband.

Superfast broadband provides download speeds of up to either 38Mb or 76Mb.  Some providers offer up to 200Mb, or even up to 1Gb through Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) full fibre solutions.  At the moment, the properties in Wootton St Lawrence are connected to ADSL broadband, which is delivered from the Oakley 6 Telecoms Cabinet through copper telephone wires and provides download speeds of between 2Mb and 17Mb (most of us have speeds of 2Mb-3Mb).


Project Wave 2 – On going

As fibre optic cables are being installed in Wootton St Lawrence, it appears that HCC’s plans provide superfast broadband to Wootton St Lawrence may be underway, but the next stage of work isn’t showing on any system yet, according to the information available to BDBC.

HCC can’t yet issue a list of properties that will be connected, or when they will be connected, as there may be technical issues that first need to be resolved. 

As most properties in Wootton St Lawrence are over 1.5km from the Oakley 6 Telecoms Cabinet, it is very likely that a new cabinet will be built to serve these properties.  HCC has not yet confirmed that it will build a new cabinet, but, as you can see from the map below, the blue shaded area is the approximate coverage under Project Wave 2 for Wootton St Lawrence and this indicates a new cabinet being installed.

How can we maximise the chance of all properties in Wootton St Lawrence being connected to FTTC and HCC installing a new cabinet to serve those properties?

We need to show a high level of demand for superfast broadband in our village by getting as many residents as possible to register their interest in being connected to superfast broadband. 

Hampshire County Council Superfast Broadband Project is trying to connect lots of villages to superfast broadband and they take into account villages that have shown a high level of interest, especially when there are gaps in their rollout programme.  So the more registrations that they receive from our village, the more quickly they will build a new cabinet and connect us all to it.


Does the Manydown Development affect the timing of our connection to superfast broadband?

The entire Manydown Development will be connected to through a Full Fibre Solution or network.  This network will primarily be used to serve the development, so will not affect the timing of our connection to superfast broadband, but there may be an opportunities to provide full fibre solutions to areas that are close to the development.


If you have any queries or would like more information, please contact Abigail at or on 01256-781481.

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