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Member of Parliament

The Role of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Member of Parliaments have responsibilities to three main groups:

  • their constituents

  • Parliament

  • their political party.


One MP is elected to the House of Commons by each of the UK’s 600+ constituencies.


MPs’ duties in Parliament include:

  • participating in debates and voting on legislation and other matters.

  • They may also be members of committees examining new laws or the work of government departments.

  • Some have a role as a minister in government or a spokesperson in opposition.

  • MPs can help their constituents by advising on problems (particularly those that arise from the work of government departments), representing the concerns of their constituents in Parliament and acting as a figurehead for the local area.

  • MPs usually support their party by voting with its leadership in the House of Commons and acting as a representative for the party in their constituency.

The Member of Parliament who Represents Wootton St Lawrence

Kit Malthouse is the Member of Parliament for North West Hampshire, which
includes Wootton St Lawrence.

Please click here for Kit Malthouse's contact details and select committees.

Kit Malthouse.jpg
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